3 ways Klarna protects you whilst shopping online.

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by Klarna

We’ve got your back when you shop, whether that’s in-store or online. With the world around us changing, and more people than ever shopping online, here are just a few of the ways that we make shopping online even safer.

Klarna Buyers Protection Policy.

We’ve all been there, made a purchase online and the parcel hasn’t turned up, or it has arrived and is damaged – but who is to blame? Is it the postal service, the retailer or do you have to pay? When shopping online with Klarna we’ve got your back. None of our consumers will be asked to pay for a purchase they do not receive or that they are not happy with. To protect our customers, we’ve created a buyers protection policy, find out more here.

Limit who has your card details.

Would you give your card details to a random person on the street? We wouldn’t, and sometimes when purchasing with a brand you don’t know online it can feel a bit daunting handing over the information. That’s where Klarna comes in, you can feel safe and secure when you checkout with Klarna knowing that you will only ever provide us with your card details within our safe and secure app. That also means that if you’re shopping on the move, you can checkout without displaying your card details to everyone on the bus, train or maybe whilst you wait for your friend in a cafe! After all, you never know who’s watching over your shoulder.

One time passwords.

We think it is important to verify that we know who is making a purchase, and so to increase security, we’ve introduced one time passwords (or OTP’s to the techies) on our transactions. An OTP is a unique 6-digit code that can only be used once, it’s sent to a registered device to verify a person’s identity when they reach the checkout. To find out more about OTP’s, you can check out our blog post!