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Microsoft Office Mac 2021 Home & Student

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Microsoft Office Mac 2021 Home & Student

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You want to keep your basic programs up to date and are looking for a solution for work and home? With Microsoft Office Mac 2021 you can expect a good and convincing solution to have all relevant individual programs and to be up to date with the many functions. We will be happy to provide you with your new license for Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business and help you to use Office in the best possible way.

Ideal for organizing your daily work basics

Microsoft Office has been one of the most important applications for working with texts, spreadsheets and presentations for many years. With the addition of OneNote and Outlook, you can rely on a practical summary of all the important functions for your everyday work. It is not without reason that Office is one of the most widely used digital products in many countries.

Practical functions for a holistic overview

As mentioned earlier, there are many new features and practical deepenings with Microsoft Office Mac 2021. From significantly improving hands-on collaboration to streamlining document management, there are many reasons to update. With the following new features, it will be easy to use Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business Mac with success:

  • Easy design of modern documents

Dynamic and intuitive use makes it easy to work and progress with Office much more efficiently. Therefore, with the new version, the layout has been updated again to provide the necessary clarity at every stage. The integrated appointment calendar, a Format Painter, formulas and address books simplify the application.

  • Integration of the entire mail management

Microsoft Office Mac 2021 is all about better and streamlined collaboration. The management of the calendar and the setting of central default values are thus significantly simplified with the new functions. This allows Microsoft Office to be tightly integrated into your daily workflows and increase your success.

  • Advanced management of modern PDFs

Editing and enhancing PDF files makes it easy to work successfully with any format. Even fillable forms can be used in a much more structured way, making it much easier to manage important information. With advanced security and permissions management, nothing stands in the way of targeted application.

Not only Microsoft Office Mac 2021, even though the interface has been basically designed as before, compatibility and presentation have been optimized.

Holistic functions for every work area

The aim of the new Microsoft Office package is to actively improve cooperation in all essential areas. The easier exporting of own documents and the extended functions in the area of security play an essential role in this. If you want to buy Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business Mac yourself, you can use the applications with our product key for an unlimited time. This will make it easy for you to create documents, work out intuitive presentations, calculate spreadsheets and ensure that your content is well designed.

More productivity in any location

By improving cloud storage and providing the necessary space, every user has the chance to work much more flexibly. For instance, documents can be linked directly to Drive to access important data both in the office and at home. This also makes it easy for businesses to get to grips with the new features of Microsoft Office.

If precise and clear control of all applications is important to you, Microsoft Office Mac 2021 will become a good foundation. Here at our store, you can get the latest version and get started with success directly on one of your existing devices.

These functions are new with Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student

In direct comparison to the previous version, a lot has changed with Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student. For instance, the course has been set towards more hybrid and active collaboration to stay productive in the long run. The following table shows again in detail how Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student Mac differs and what the product offers new:


Microsoft Office 2019 Mac

Microsoft Office 2021 Mac

Mail settings enhancement



Streamlined source integration



Microsoft Teams integration



Automatic saving of documents



Smooth use of pivot tables



Toggle read range



Design suggestions directly in PowerPoint



Improvement of Excel funnel charts



  • Toggle Reading Pane - One of the most requested features by users for Mail is here. You can now toggle the reading pane on and off to read emails much faster.
  • Emojis in Mail - Express your humor and emotions more clearly by using an emoji.
  • A range of new Mail settings - We've introduced new features for managing your calendar, Mail defaults for hours and days, marking emails as read, and more.
  • Gridlines and guides in slides - Enjoy a more precise, controlled, and practical experience when moving and aligning objects in your slides with the new gridlines and guides.
  • Pivot table fix - A critical bug related to pivot tables in worksheets has been fixed.

Take advantage of Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student Mac!

If you too would like to benefit from innovative tools and programs now, you should purchase Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business yourself. Thanks to the many new options, flexible and self-determined work becomes even easier, which means that nothing has to stand in the way of a compact application. Thus, with Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student Mac, you will have access to a clear and compact solution that can optimally accompany you in your daily work, but also at home.

Microsoft Office offers home users and small businesses the essential tools to get the job done quickly and easily.


  •     Feature-rich documents at your fingertips!

  •     Powerful spreadsheets for all your complex data!

  •     Stylish and engaging presentations to impress your audience!

  •     Integrated mail client with calendar to access all your accounts and manage your appointments!

  •     Secure & effortless PDFs - fill & sign, protect, annotate and organize your PDF documents.

Office Home & Student 2021 is the simple, easy and affordable solution that guarantees you a lifetime of productivity. Enjoy 5 feature-rich apps for working with documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs and email, plus advanced cloud integration and an appointment calendar.

Best of all, you get all this for the one-time purchase with no expiration date, no additional hidden costs, no limited features, and no annual subscription fees!

Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Emails
- Powerful modules with helpful tools to tackle any task.
- All the advanced features you need - Format Painter, Track Changes, Conditional Formatting, Formulas, Presentation Mode, Date Book, Email Address Book and more.
- Familiar desktop interface so you can start working right away.
- Export Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents to PDF.
- Advanced security options.

Advanced PDF Management
- Open, view and annotate PDFs.
- Work with fillable forms.
- Digitally sign PDF documents.
- Advanced security and permissions management.

Work productively across locations, devices or file formats with Office 2021 Home and Business
- Built-in cloud storage for easy file access - get 5GB in our MobiDrive cloud or link your existing Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or Dropbox accounts.
- Convenient desktop integration of MobiDrive for seamless synchronization of local files with the cloud and vice versa.
- Compatibility with popular file formats - Microsoft, OpenOffice, Apple's iWork and hundreds more.
- The familiar and easy-to-use desktop interface you know and love.

Buy Office Home and Student and get more premium benefits

- Unlock more than 50 advanced features
- Priority support

System Requirements

Supported Operating System
The three latest versions of Apple MacOS

Click here for the MacOS list

Hardware Requirements
Apple MacOS - RAM 4 GB - HD 10 GB
Additional Requirements
Internet Connection

Office 2021 for Windows and Mac FAQ

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new features below expectations but still a wonderful product

Currently, there are no alternatives that offer the same or even half of the level of productivity that MS Office 2021 does. It is by far the most used software for work-related tasks. There are some open source products that try to match MS Office but they have yet to gain any space in the corporate workplace. MS Office is being used in the corporate world since 1995. It has almost 25 years of user base that have grown with time. It's an ideal product to manage modern-day work tasks such as email and appointment management, creating documents, managing data both in worksheet (MS Excel) and database (MS Access) environments. Its integration with cloud (One Drive) is also proving to be a big selling point for its users. Although MS Office 2021 is an excellent product, it does lack significantly when it comes to syncing your work between a PC and a mobile device. Same issue comes when a worksheet or a document needs to be worked by multiple users at the same time. For such tasks some cloud services offer better alternatives. Data visualisation using MS Excel is also very outdated when comparing with software which specialise in data science and visualisation

Elizabeth | 2022-10-12 00:00:00 | November 2022

Improvements over some of the features of my Office 2013

PROS: -Improvements over some of the features of my Office 2013. Some features in the 2013 version that had become unsupported like the popup synonyms and dictionary work on the new version. The interface is improved over 2013. Although my first choice was to continue to use 2013, at least 2022 was available for me to buy, and I didn't have to rent Office 365.CONS:-I would have stayed with Office 2013 but Microsoft is determined to improve their revenue flow by forcing folks to either rent Office 365 or purchase an update to a newer version of Office.I like Microsoft Office Home and Student 2022 just fine. It works quite well on my new computer, and the learning curve from Office 2013 was not steep. However....Beginning of a mindless RANT:I've been using Microsoft products for at least 40 years, and I've spent thousands of dollars on their software. I appreciate that Windows Home 11 is pretty much free now, and I'm pleased that I no longer have to pay $500 for their word processor. That said, I was very disappointed when I reached the end of the road on my old computer at Windows 10 because the computer wouldn't run Windows 11. I gave in and upgraded to new machines to go to Windows 11. That was my choice. I don't dislike Windows 11, and so far it works well for me, but when I tried to install Office 2013, I was not able to "ACTIVATE" it through my Microsoft account. I went farther back to my disk for Office 2007. Again, installation was not allowed. Instead, I was encouraged to rent software access for an online connection to Office 365 (A limited "free" version of Office 365 is available for strictly online use in order to compete with Google DOCS, but I would be out of luck if the internet goes down). I chose to purchase Office for Home and Student 2022 from Amazon instead.I don't change software or hardware often. For example, we still use Quicken 2013 primarily because we don't like the "improvements" in the later versions that increase the price while removing features that we actually found useful, and of course, Intuit really wants you to rent Quicken. Office 2013 lasted me for 9 years on my old machine. If I had been paying $90/year rent for the software, then I would have spent more than $800. That's more than 3 times what I paid to buy it. If I wanted to do online software, I could have used Google DOCs for free or the free version of Office 365 online.The last straw for me in this rent software business model is that HP now requires an activation to set up their printer software. I have a friend who got a new laptop. She asked me to setup her printer on the new machine. Easy, I thought, even though I worried over, IMHO, HP's sparse instructions, kludgy software, and an annoying and implacable website. I installed the print drivers despite the bad instructions and user interface. Then I was taken to an activation page. Activation Page! I tried to sign into her account from when she bought the printer for her old computer, but of course she didn't remember the password she used. I tried to set up a new account for her but that was impossible because her email address was already in use. Now I will have to completely uninstall the print drivers, request a password reset and start all over again. And HP wants her to join their ink-of-the-month club by guessing how much ink she might use. A printer is a physical device. No one is going to make a copy of a printer and give it to their friends to use on an unauthorized machine. That is one of many reasons that I no longer buy HP printers after years of using nothing else. For my personal use, I switched to Brother, which is not as fast as an HP, but it orders its own ink from Amazon WHEN IT NEEDS IT.Now ACTIVATION is being used by software companies to force you to discard your favorite old software and buy or rent their new versions. I understand that software companies reach a point where they no longer want to support older software, but I prefer to upgrade on my schedule, not theirs. And I do upgrade when I'm sure that the features I like will continue, that the new features make the upgrade worth the price, and that I won't be held hostage to a new file structure or business model.Therefore, it is my intention to NOT participate in rented software if I can avoid it. I never liked working on main frame computers using terminals and having to deal with centralized control. "Personal computers" were part of the revolution for me because they were personal. They stood alone for better or worse. They were not at the whim of some faceless tech. The current trend to re-centralize computing operations may appeal to many people, but I shall resist it so long as I can get away with it.As a final aside, IMHO, the worst perpetrators in this new rental model are the Tax Preparation Software companies that do not clearly document what schedules are included in their entry/base rental price OR their entry/base purchase software. Only after you get started, do you discover that you have to pay a lot extra to get the one schedule that was not included. Imagine seeing that Schedule C is included but later you discover that it is only for Schedule C to enter income, you have to pay more if you want a Schedule C to include expenses. Oh, you can enter the expenses by hand, but then the company will not file your tax return that was part of your purchase price: you have to print the return and mail it in. Fortunately, I knew better than to buy anything so woefully described. Unfortunately, I had to buy a version of the software that included many more features than I needed just to be able to get Schedule C expenses AND free electronic filing. However, that was much cheaper than buying the next version down and then having to pay a large added fee to get the missing expense page. IMHO, the IRS is squeezing everyone into the online filing mode, and the software companies are coming up with all kinds of schemes to drive up the fees they can extract from their users. Don't get me wrong, I love online filing, but the misleading ads by the software companies providing these services is open to more abuse than selling timeshares. If you are selling TAX software, then the ads should clearly state which Schedules your software will provide and note any limitations.End of mindless RANT.Thank you Microsoft for allowing me to buy Office for Home and Office 2022. I would have been looking for a different software brand rather than signup to rent Office 365

DrCrispy | 2021-11-08 00:00:00 | November 2022

Is one of the best I own

I love how Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 allows the consumer to easily identify which platform they would like to use with a tool bar on the left side. It is very similar to choosing an app on your phone with icons that signify the platform that you would like the utilize. In addition, I also love that they have little features such as Calendar and Task/To-Do. My co-workers and I utilize the Calendar feature to make sure that we know who is on holiday and when to schedule meetings. For the Task/To-Do feature, I like that I am able to type what needs to be done and it will show up on the sidebar. It also allows you to check off the list once something is done, which is cool and neat feature! The software also rarely glitches which is a huge plus, especially during the pandemic. Microsoft Office Home and Business allows all my co-workers and I to work efficiently and in an organized manner, which is important in any office and virtual setting

Robert | 2022-10-13 00:00:00 | November 2022

simple to install and you CAN re-download/reinstall it!

simple to install and you CAN re-download/reinstall it! I finally buckled down and bought this for three reasons:1.) I don't want to deal with never-ending subscriptions, of course. I want to OWN something if i pay for it.2.) The spell/grammar check in microsoft word is, imo, the best out there. I've tried SO many alternative word processors, all the free ones you can think of. None of the spell-check features lived up to what microsoft word's is capable of (again, imo). I highly value Word for its spell-check, because i'm usually writing stories, scripts/dialogue for small games and projects in the software. and3.) Before now, I would occasionally use the free microsoft word that you can access through web, but i wanted something I could use even if I didn't have internet access or something.I saw another review that was worried about being unable to redownload, so before i bought this for myself, i checked online resources from microsoft's page to verify that it's possible to redownload/reinstall. I don't know if I can post links, but you can access purchase again by looking into your account settings/services after signing into your microsoft account online. This will allow you to reinstall at any time.You can do this because the purchase is tied to YOUR personal microsoft account, not to a single device (I haven't done this for myself yet, but this should mean that I should be able to also install this on my both my laptop and main PC- just so long as i'm accessing it with the microsoft account it's tied to. I'll edit this review if that doesn't work out for any reason because i don't want to mislead anyone). You can search this for yourself if you don't understand and want to see specific steps on how to reinstall.No issues from me! 18 people found this helpful

Rain · Review provided by | 2021-04-03 00:00:00 | November 2022

Has everything I need

Only missing outlook that I don't need anymore, great price and not too complicated.

Marcus | Paris | January 2023

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