Office 2021 for Mac can be installed on one device at a time. It is possible that you have to perform a reinstallation, for example when you have purchased a new laptop.

You can reinstall Office 2021 for Mac using the steps below.

Step 1: (If applicable) First delete all current Office license files using this link. Click "Download the license removal tool." and follow the rest of the steps.

Step 2: (If applicable) Then drag Office to the trash via steps 1 to 3 from this link.

Step 3: (If applicable) Restart your Mac.

Step 4: During your first activation of Office 2021 via our download link, you are logged in with a (usually personal) Microsoft account. You must now use this same account to reinstall your software. You can do this by logging in via the following page: 

If your product has been successfully linked - a mandatory step for Office installations for Mac - you can find your copy of Office Mac here >>>>>> Microsoft account.

Click "Install" to reinstall Office Mac. After Office has been installed, you must also be logged in with the same Microsoft account within the software to reactivate your license.

Can't find the Office Mac product in your Microsoft account?

The product is probably linked to another Microsoft account if you cannot find the required Office Suite in your account. We recommend logging in with any email address you can access to see if the product is associated to that account.

If this does not help, we recommend that you contact Microsoft. The Microsoft accounts are not under our control, so unfortunately we cannot find out on which account a product has been activated.