IMPORTANT NOTE FOR COUNTRIES OUTSIDE THE UK/IRELAND: These product keys work all over the world. However, when you activate you will see UK and Ireland regions, the regions make no difference to the activation and subscription of the product or the support from McAfee. Once activated it shows the full-year subscription within your own McAfee online Account and you use it as normal. So you can continue with the UK region message this will make no difference to the activation and subscription of the product.

Always go directly to the Genuine McAfee website using the address bar at the top of your browser!

1. Log in to your McAfee account via the web link above with a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.) If you do not have one, you will need to Register one with McAfee
PLEASE NOTE: The Genuine McAfee Login page will only ask for your email and password, nothing else!

2. Once signed in, select Subscriptions and then at the top of the page from the Account Menu click Redeem your Retail Card

3. Enter your 25-digit Product Key and then follow the instructions

4. If you don’t wish to auto-renew directly with McAfee in the future, you can click 'No Thanks' to the Auto-Renewal

5. If you already have the same McAfee version installed it will ask you if you wish to upgrade the current subscription. If using for Renewal, always take this option! (You don't then need to reinstall the software)

5.1. (If the versions are not the same it will add a new subscription to your account.)
Then go to the Subscription Menu. You should see your newly activated subscription with a blue 'Add Device' button next to it, you click this to download and install the new software.
Please Note: If upgrading from a different McAfee Product Version we recommend you uninstall first and reboot your computer before starting the new activation/installation.



You only activate a key ONCE after that everything is managed from within your McAfee online Account.
If you try to activate it again, you will see the message 'Invalid Key', 'Something went wrong' or 'Something's not quite right'. This will mean either a typo in the key you entered or you have already activated the key, you can check this under Subscriptions within your McAfee online Account.

We always recommend waiting to activate your new key until the last day of your current subscription to save the possibility of losing any remaining days!

There is no time limit for activating the Product Key we supply; the 1 Year subscription starts once the key is activated.